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This online pet store, part of the Quidsi family of brands, has an easy-to-navigate website that's chock-full of everything your pet's heart desires. 's wide selection of pet products makes them one of our go-to pet supply sites, not to mention that you can also fill up your shopping cart with products from their sister sites. Wag is a one-stop shop that ships fast and even offers free shipping on orders over $49. Yes, please! ()
A list of the Top 25 Most Popular Websites to Buy Pet Supplies
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Dog Clothing and Accessories
Americans spend more than $30 billion annually on their pets, and big bucks can be earned by designing, making and selling designer duds for dogs. Sweaters and rain jackets are sure bets to become top sellers, but dog lovers around the globe are also buying designer doggie hats, goggles, shirts, booties, scarves and even Halloween costumes for their beloved furry friends. The criteria for getting started are minimal--design skills, sewing skills and equipment, patterns, and a bit of gumption to get out and pitch your fabulous designer fashions for mutts and pedigrees alike to pet shop retailers, especially if your ambitions are to establish wholesale accounts with chain and independent pet shop retailers. If not, there are still many ways to sell direct to dog owners. These include exhibiting and selling at pet fairs, online sales via dog-related websites, mail order sales supported by newspaper, catalog, online and magazine advertising, and establishing a doggie clothing boutique at home or in a retail storefront location. As dog owners know, word travels fast amongst dog owners, and when a great product for a pet is found, he or she is quick to spread the word to other dog owners. Our Top 10 Pet Adoption Websites | The Pet God
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Photo provided by FlickrSome top pet entertainment websites include:.
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The final entry in this list of the top 10 pet adoption websites is another one that fits outside the box a little. This is another US charity site, but it is one with a very niche aim. This charity works to bring together unwanted pets and service veterans in the hope of saving two lives with one relationship. Their blog of success stories if one of the most heartwarming ones out there.However, if you’ve already lost your beloved pet, you can click the Found tab at the top of either website and fill out the search criteria to see if there are any matches in the Found Dogs/Cats listings. You can then use the pet’s profile to send a message to the person who found your dog or cat. If you can’t find your pet in the listings, you can register your lost pet so that she shows up in the Lost Dogs/Cats listings.Our pets are part of our family. Pet owners searching for veterinarian care for their baby want quick access to care and contact information, plus useful pet care advice and tips. If you’re a veterinarian trying to attract new patients, you want pet owners to contact you, make an appointment, and spend some time on your website. Here are our picks for the top that do a great job on both counts. Now if only Google translator could speak Woof-lish or Meow-ese.Hearts United for Animals (HUA) is a national shelter for animals of all kinds and they provide a way for you to adopt dogs and cats through their website. You can enter specifics such as breed, age, size and gender, or just search all dogs. The HUA does a great job at providing a unique story behind each animal, as well as lots of photos to touch your heart. If you want the adoption info and application, just click the brown button under the pet’s photo.Lost Pet USA is another free to use website that, like others, contains a database of missing and found pets. This website has a clean and easy to navigate interface. If you lost your pet, you can click the Search for a Lost Pet link at the top of the page to display all of the listings, or click the big blue Lost a Pet button to refine your search. On that same page, you can also look for other animal-related businesses and organizations that might be able to help you, or at least let you put up flyers.The home page has photos that link to articles about pets. At the bottom of the home page are links to the different topic categories on the website as well as to recent articles and blog posts. Some of the articles are more relevant to vets than the general public, however.