House fire started by tortoise a wakeup call for pet owners,..

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OMG I wish I found this before we got our Hermann Tortoise!! I thought I did plenty of research before...I did hours upon hours just trying to figure out which kind to get, which would best suited to our environment and what would be easiest to care for. We were told and read in several places that the Hermanns were beginner tortoises. To that I say, NOT HARDLY!!!! We had what we felt was an appropriate habitat going by recommendations on various sites, we thought we fed her enough of the right foods, we grew her her own garden, she had heat lamps/UV lamps PLUS we live in a warm, temperate climate where she can enjoy the outdoors and STILL 2 months in, she died. I can not even begin to explain the utter sadness in this house right now (she was my 10 yr olds bday present and we loved this little tortoise like it was family). Coolest pet ever for sure but seriously people...they require SO much specialized care it's not even funny. I'm an animal rescuer and have saved hundreds of animals from the brink of death and nursed them back to health and yet not even I could give that tortoise what it needed to survive!! I'm shocked and saddened and guilt ridden for not taking care of her the way she needed and my kids are basket cases! Word to the wise, get your Ph.D. in chelonian husbandry and THEN consider getting one. They are awesome creatures and deserve only the best care, if you're not 150% ready, please don't do it! I think people can successfully keep turtles/tortoises but I will go out on a limb and say that the people selling it to you will give you, at most, 1% of info you need to know to raise it properly. You need mad amounts of books, many online sources and at least join a turtle/tortoise forum so you have support ready at hand. If you're on the fence, don't do it or at least not until you're ready. We definitely won't be getting another.
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All turtles/tortoises require a lot of room, that alone is not going to determine whether the animal is a good beginner or not unless the amount of required room is excessive, such as a sulcatta or leopard tortoise. When housed properly, box turtles are great beginner pets. You do not have to hibernate while in captivity. You would be the first to say box turtles are finicky eaters; I've always heard great things about them as beginner pets. Reptology Life Science Tortoise Palace Pet House - Black : Target
Photo provided by FlickrHouse fire started by tortoise wakeup call for pet owners,..
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We recommend desert tortoises be housed outdoors whenever possible. Pens can be constructed with solid walls which the tortoises cannot see through. Tortoises will try in vain for hours to walk through fences if they can see through to the other side. The walls should extend below the ground surface a minimum of 6-12 inches to discourage tortoises from digging under the walls. The enclosure must also provide protection from predators and other family pets, such as dogs, which could harm the tortoise. It's very important to do your research before getting a pet turtle or tortoise, as they are big commitments. You won't be able to stick a turtle in a 20 gallon tank and expect it to be happy and healthy, and when it comes to tortoises, fish tanks are one of the absolute worst that you can use to house one in.Preferred by professional tortoise keepers, the Zoo Med Tortoise House features sturdy wood siding to offer privacy and security for your pet. This product is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Place it outside to provide your pet with sunlight and natural UVB rays, which promote good health and shell growth.The outdoor pen should be located in an area that is part sun/part shade. Fresh water in a shallow dish large enough for the Redfoot to soak in should be provided. There should also be a weatherproof hide house so that the tortoise has a dry place to retreat in case of wet weather. I use plastic dog houses and plastic deck boxes. They are weather proof and easy to hose out to clean. The outdoor pen needs to be secure so that the tortoise cannot escape and predators cannot get to the tortoise and kill it. Raccoons, dogs, foxes, and cats can break in and kill your tortoise in a matter of minutes. Even the best behaved family pet will go after a tortoise; it’s just instinct. Make sure the pen is strong and has a well constructed, framed hardware cloth or chain link lid that can be secured with a latch.