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So, just what is your favorite brand of pet turtle food? Answer our poll:
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A problem that you are going to run into is you’re going to find that your turtles are always going to be bugging you for food. They pretty much act like they never get fed even though you might see them a couple of times a day. I find it to be a struggle to not constantly feed them because they’re very good bankers and it seems like I could just continuously feed them all day long and they would just be happier and I want my pets to be as happy as possible. So trying to figure out what the happy medium is between feeding them just enough and giving them some treats once in a while is going to be a task.
In an emergency situation, you can offer your pet turtle several different foods that may be in your pantry.
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The second thing you have to understand is that you can't feed your pet turtle dog food, luncheon meat, pizza, and so forth, and expect your turtle to be happy and healthy. Turtles have special dietary needs. Even though they're likely to eat almost anything that their keepers feed them, only a proper diet will keep them healthy. From all (100% of) voters, the following represents which percentage have the following pet turtle food brands as their favorite:
Photo provided by FlickrAnd there are so many  these days, if you’re going to be buying pet food, you might as well buy some specifically for turtles!
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I just got a pet turtle and am looking to properly feed it. What do turtles eat in natural habitat? A specialist told me to replicate what they in their natural habitat. Once I figure out what they eat in their natural place, I will just replicate it. My turtle is a red eared slider and I plan to get him a roommate of a painted turtle soon. I need to know what food to give my turtle.A common food that people are wanting to feed their turtles are . They are at all our local pet stores because they are fed to lots of other pets but… for turtles.. it actually isn’t the best meal because of how protein rich they are.Diet is one of the most crucial factors in maintaining a healthy box turtle. Getting a turtle to eat or to eat the proper nutritious foods is often the hardest thing a turtle owner must learn to do. For some reason, many turtles, especially wild caught turtles, will not readily eat or are fixated on certain foods. It may have something to do with the stress of captivity, changes in the environment, or removal from their home ranges. Temperature and lighting play a role in triggering appetite and turtles no doubt have their own food preferences. A turtle not given the proper circumstances to feed will go on a hunger strike. Unlike warm-blooded animals, they aren’t forced by their metabolism to eat. They can just slow down their activity level, retreat in their shells and wait for better conditions. Unfortunately, if the turtles are kept in a tank or penned in an outdoor area, those better conditions never come unless the owner makes an effort to supply them. If they aren’t supplied the turtle will slowly grow weaker and becomes debilitated, sick and eventually dies. It’s important to find out what is required to get your turtle to eat.By:

When it comes to your turtle care then you can never be to careful. If you take good care of your turtle then she will live for many years under your happy eyes. I think that the most important problem in the turtle care process is the turtle feeding. You must be very careful what you feed you turtle because there are turtle foods that can harm them very bad. you should always consult speciality books referring straight to you kind of turtle.

When a man will search some information on turtle feeding he will probably find a lot of lists with food that you can give to your turtle. But if there aren't specified some important details then one could think that an aliment that is much alike one that is recommended is good for the turtle to. This is a big mistake. There are many differences starting from the way the food is served(cooked) to what substances it contains. So, for making your turtle care easier ,i will try to present in this article some turtle foods that you should never feed.

Forbidden foods:
- If your turtle is a vegetarian one then you shouldn't feed meat. This would be very bad for their metabolism.

- It's usually recommend to feed any vegetarian food that it's not toxic for the human. Spinach is one of the plants that you shouldn't feed. The spinach has a high concentration of oxalic acid which prevents calcium absorption. So i recommend you not to feed or to feed very rarely. The same problem appears for rhubarb and chard. Also never feed rhubarb leafs because they are poisonous.

- When you cook something for you i don't advise you to give it to your turtle because they are to salty and fatty.

- Any processed meat like pork, bacon, sausages is bad for your turtle feeding.

- Never feed raw chicken or turkey because there are many chances for the salmonela to appear.

There are also some food that you can feed to your turtle but rearely.

- Canned cat or dog food it's good but it's too fat and it contains to much protein.

- you can feed Lettuce and celery but i can tell you that they don't have any nutritional value.

- you can include in your turtle feeding some beef, chicken or other meats that humane eat but give them only cooked.

The best way for you and you turtle is to find an exact food mix that will provide the pet the resources she need without harming them. If you won't feed the foods i have listed than you shouldn't have any turtle care problems when it comes to feeding.

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