Animal Control: Ultrasonic Motion Activated Deer and Animal Repeller

Sentinel RC, Ultimate Ultrasonic Animal Pest Repeller with Remote Control.
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Ultrasonic pest control devices have been on the market for a long time. Their manufacturers and sales personnel lead you to believe that the high-pitched sound produced by the little black boxes (some with red lights to show you they are working) can only be heard by pests, not by other animals or humans. The sounds are so annoying, they say, that pests either leave or die. They also claim that the devices won't harm your pets, like gerbils and hamsters.
Quad Blaster Ultrasonic Bird-X Animal Control for Nuisance Animals
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Keep nuisance animals away with the Bird-X Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. This maintenance-free ultrasonic device is effective against many pest mammals and can be triggered by an energy-saving motion sensor or set to work continuously. Use it to repel dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, skunks, opossums, rodents and bats without snares or toxins. Covers up to 4,000 square feet. AC cord included. May be operated with four "C" batteries (not included). Yard Sentinel RC, Ultimate Ultrasonic Animal Pest Repeller with Remote Control.
Photo provided by FlickrBird-X Solar Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Animal Control #1 Best Seller.
Photo provided by FlickrSolar Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Animal Control #1 Best Seller.
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How Does It Work
The Yard Sentinel provides multiple power sources including AC, 6V - 24V DC battery power sources, vehicle power source by connecting to the Cigarette Lighter Socket, and DC Sealed lead-Acid (SLA) battery power source.

The Yard Sentinel have also been incorporated with an Operation Time Selection, designed to save energy by choosing the product's time of operation between "All Day", "Day" & "Night". The Yard Sentinel offers two repelling technologies - Ultrasonic and Intruder Alarm, that can be used as a burglar alarm and also target animals with sensitive auditory nerves.

The Ultrasonic Emitting Selection offers 3 selection technologies: Motion Sensor / Constant / Continuous Sweep. Our exclusive Constant and Continuous Sweep emits the same (Constant) or different frequencies (Continuous Sweep) at random time intervals.

About Aspectek
Aspectek is an inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic products for over 25 years. The best animal control and pest control device, Cat Repellent, Dog Repellent, Deer Repellent, Mice Repellent, Bird Repellent.As with any consumer need, companies will attempt to take advantage and sell products to fit the need. These ultrasonic sound emitters are marketed for the control of almost every major pest species, from rats & mice, to cats & dogs, and even insects like cockroaches. They are also marketed for the control of bats.When choosing an electronic unit for bird control or for controlling othernuisance animals and wildlife, the list of possible devices can beconfusing. Not knowing which product to use can result in wasting yourtime and money. This article will give you the basics about the differenttypes of electronic pest repellers, how they work and which pests are controlledby each.
First, some basics on electronic repellers. There are two basic types ofelectronic pest repellers, those that are audible (can be heard) to humans andthose that are not always audible.
An audible unit is designed to emit sounds that humans and domestic animals canhear. These sounds are used to frighten or confuse your targetedpest. Audible units are what we call .
An inaudible unit is designed to be silent to humans and animals. Theseunits are known as .
There are numerous products on the market (both sonic and ultrasonic) that arevery inexpensive. These are easily found on sale at flea markets, hardwarestores and are often advertised on late night television. Magazines areanother area where these cheap units are offered to the uninitiated.
Please read the attached articles as further proof that ultrasonic sound emitters have no value in controlling or affecting any animal or insect species.