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But whom do you getwhen you call Vibrant Pets? You get me – Lee Phillips – the President!
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I’ve never been a big believer in supplements of any kind, but since my dog started taking Vibrant Pets®’ Canine Athlete, I’ve had a change of heart. My eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is acting like an eight-month old puppy again. As promised in your brochure, her energy level is up, her coat looks healthier and feels softer, and her persistent scratching has all but disappeared. I would recommend Canine Athlete to anyone who wants to give a treasured pet a new lease on life. I’m anxiously awaiting the debut of Frisky Feline!
Thanks, Vibrant Pets®, for introducing us to this wonderful product!
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A real before-and-after picture of Muffin, sent by a Costumer. The picture to the right was taken a little before 6 weeks of taking Vibrant Pets. Vibrant Pets Senior Complete, 48 Ounce 60%OFF
Photo provided by FlickrThank you, Vibrant Pets®, for caring about the health and nutrition of our pets and best friends!
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If our pets are healthy, they are happy. They are less prone to illness or disease, they have energy, they’re not in pain, and their vitality lasts throughout their lives. To be vibrant is for all the body’s systems to be functioning at full capacity.Nutritional health contributes to a pet’s overall health, just as with us. Supplementation can be very helpful and perhaps necessary. Vibrant Companions knows prevention is key, but also offers products that can help tackle an existing problem.The short answer is that Vibrant Pets® products work! Not in some unspecified time, but in 2 weeks, and that we guarantee. All other pet supplements attempt to address the symptom, Vibrant Pets® goes after the cause which makes us the absolute best supplements on the market. For less than a small cup of McDonald's coffee per day, Vibrant Pets® helps any health problem or maximizes your pet's good health. View the testimonials on this site and see how excited our customers are and what have to say - after all that is what is most important.
Our Westie just turned 13 and she was dragging around the house, seldom played, and slept much of the time. At your suggestion, I tried Vibrant Pets and it transformed our dog. She is now more alert, playful, sleeps less and is very interested in playing. She moved so slowly that I thought she had arthritis, but no more. Thanks to Vibrant Pets we have our "young" dog back. I've told many of my friends about it, and I'm giving your formula for cats to my daughter for her aging Siamese.

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Elizabeth Smith
VirginiaMy Saint Bernard has suffered from hip dysplasia since birth. The breeder offered to give us a free puppy upon showing proof that we had put him down. We were aghast to say the least. Soon after, we started taking Ulysses to the Doggie Wash in Purcellville, Virginia, for the best bath in the state, whereupon we were introduced to Vibrant Pets® Joint and Muscle Formula. We immediately put Ulysses on the supplement, and were happy to see improvement, therefore avoiding pain medications.My mother had told me about a new product called Vibrant Pets® that she had just purchased. I started to use Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete Formula. I could not believe the results, and neither could my veterinarian. Garth began to first grow hair, where he had been bald for years. Even in the early years when he had almost a full coat of hair, even his sides. I began to notice that Garth was starting to use his hind legs to better position himself in his bed. In the next 2 months Garth had regained so much strength and movement in his hind legs that he could stand on his hind legs while I supported his front. This was a huge blessing; it made holding him for his potty breaks so much easier. The pressure wounds that had responded to nothing were slowly now healing. The new skin growth on his elbows was slow but steady. All of the improvements came only after using Vibrant Pets®.