Pet Gates: Stairway Special Outdoor Wall Mounting Gate at Drs

 Primetime Petz Wall-mount Kit for 360 Configurable Gates and Extensions
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This super wide gate provides safety coverage for areas 28 inches tall and up to 192 inches wide and can even be used as a fully-enclosed play yard for your pet. It can be used freestanding or wall-mounted and folds down for convenient storage.
This wall mount kit allows your Carlson Pet Yard to be converted into a 144-inch wide pet gate. This kit is only compatible with .
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The panel includes three gate panels for flexible setup. It can conform to any type of shape required. With Simple wall mounts easy to install or remove afterwards. I recommend this gate to anyone with Pets. Especially cat lovers. Pet Gates: Auto Lock Dog Wall Mounted Gate System at Drs
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Keeps children and pets safely contained outside. Weatherproof—the BEST gate on the market for outdoor use! Great for top-of-stairway use or anywhere you need to contain children or pets. Perfect for patios, decks & other outside areas. Swings open in either direction. Easily wall mounts using two screws on the hinge side & latch side. Temporary removal of the gate is fast & easy without having to unscrew the wall-mounted hardware.Remember that if you’re installing a gate at the top of the stairs, a hardware-mounted gate is a must. Pressure-mounted gates offer quick installation and no marks on your walls, but hardware-mounted gates offer extra strength and security. Determine which of these types works best for your location, and your pet.The Command™ Wall Mounted Gate corrals all pets, including large breeds, from accessing certain areas in your home. The Wall Mounted Gates can be used in room openings, hallways and staircases. Gate features easy one-hand adult operation and quick-release removal. It also features a two-way door with directional stop, allowing you to choose which way the door opens. Hinge side hardware allows the gate to be mounted on angled surfaces. The Command Wall Mounted Gate has been the gate of choice for pet parents for over 20 years.This Primetime Petz 360 Wall Mount Pet Gate Kit is an easy and attractive way to attach your favorite 360 Configurable Gate or Extension to any opening. The kit offers maximum stability for your gate and is great to use with dogs who are prone to...No, your pet gate is not broken. There will be a gap between the handle and the latch of your gate. Once you securely pressure mount the gate against the wall the gap will disappear.This safety gate is pressure-mounted, so it doesn’t require any hardware or tools to mount. It sets up in seconds in doorways and openings to keep your pet safe and secure. The rubber bumpers help to prevent any damage to your walls when installed.